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It’s all in the family

In our greenhouses you’ll meet a mixture of ages, types, people, and cultures. Like in every family, everyone has his or her own task in running the household. And we offer fair chances in discovering talents and developing someone’s strong points. Thereby we not only look at someone’s knowledge, but especially at the blood that runs through their veins. The love for our profession must be part of that blood.

Wouter Duijvesteijn


Running everything as efficiently as possible and keeping everyone at Beyond happy so they enjoy what they're doing: that's what makes my day. It gives me a good feeling to be helping my employees bring out the best in themselves. It's also one of my biggest challenges in managing the business. After all, it's only when our team puts in its best performance that the final results will be fantastic.

“ I make sure that everyone is not just satisfied but really happy with Beyond. ”

I'm a real people person, and I get a kick out of working with other people. That goes for our customers, too: going that extra mile for them is really important. That way, everyone is not just satisfied but really happy with Beyond!

When I'm not busy in the greenhouse, I'm spending my time with my family and on my other passions. I am a father of four boys, like to stay fit, and enjoy a beer now and then with my friends.

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Martijn Duijvesteijn


I ensure the beauty of our flowers by giving them the very best care I can. This means keeping a close eye on their growth process every day. So it's just as well that I live next to our greenhouse in Hook of Holland where I see out over the fields. I'm also responsible for running the cultivation process as efficiently as possible. After all, every stage of it has an impact on the final result. And that has to be simply impeccable.  

“ I keep a close eye on the growth process every day. ”

Even more beautiful are my three gorgeous daughters and wife that I love spending time with when I'm not working. And if I have a little time for myself, I like to get in some exercise. That way, I give my family, myself and my flowers exactly the attention that everyone needs. 

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