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For us, these are the three most exceptional chrysanthemums in the world.

Zembla Baltica


This white variety with rich double flowers is uniform in colour with a green heart and very attractive dark green leaves. Zembla is a robust chrysanthemum which has been developed as cut flower for in the vase. Although a member of a relatively young generation of chrysanthemums, it is already a well-established variety.

Zemla Chrysant boeket


On its way through the supply chain the white Baltica chrysanthemum has proven to be extremely robust and is therefore a real guarantee of success.. Its flowers can reach a diameter of up to 10 centimetres.

Baltica Chrysant boeket


Artisanal and by means of innovative techniques; we have all the elements for the perfect formula at our disposal: the best people, a perfect growing process, firm varieties, a top location, and optimal transport.

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